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Who We Are

Linden Mac Foundations has been moving houses in Nova Scotia and local communities like Antigonish since 1991. For more than 20 years, Linden Mac Foundations has brought its knowledgeable and professional structural moving, house raising, and lifting services to the house moving needs of the Atlantic coast! Our customers can depend on us to use safe, damage free moving techniques that take advantage of tried and true methods which allows for house and building moving to be finished in a professional and timely manner.

Our experience and track record as a building and house mover will ensure that your house, building, barn, historic structure or machinery will be raised or moved damage-free to your new site. We are continually upgrading our house moving skills and equipment to stay on top of our game, and we do whatever we can to meet the elevation and relocation needs of our customers across the province.

Our services include all types of structural moving. We also offer raising, leveling, shoring, cellar and basement digs, beach work, heavy hauling, roof raising and unified precision jacking services. Moving large buildings is not a simple matter,  it requires a combination of geometry, physics, the use of simple machinery coupled with common sense. With our experience successfully moving we can do it right, the first time. If you're in Nova Scotia, and you need to get your house moving, give us a call. 

Linden Mac Foundations uses a precision process to prepare and then elevate any structure, taking into account the safety, efficiency, and ultimately dictating the overall success of the project. If a home has underground utilities such as gas and electricity service, a temporary disconnection is coordinated with local providers.

During our site estimates there is no hard sell and no pressure to make an immediate decision. We prefer to send you an estimate and then let you take the time to decide what’s right for you and your home.

What We Do

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